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Tradefxgroup is an informational forex website, free to access for both beginners and experienced traders. It features a wealth of useful resources, written by a talented team of forex market experts.

Access a handy introduction to forex, trading guides, an overview of the top FX brokers, and a useful section of FX reviews. Every page on our website is carefully crafted to offer the very best information about forex trading and the forex market.


Check out our informative introduction to forex page, which covers all the important details you need to know about foreign exchange. We take a closer look at the basics of forex trading, define several key terms, and offer an overview of forex analysis. We are passionate about educating traders about the forex industry, and believe our introductory page is a good starting point for those willing to learn more.

Forex Basics

An outline of the fundamental basics of forex and explanation of the key features of the market, giving you the ideal base on which to deepen your knowledge.

Key Terms

Important forex terms and phrases are simply and clearly defined by our market experts, helping you to better understand what different concepts and words mean.

Forex Analysis

The specifics of forex analysis are examined, offering a helpful overview and definition of both fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

PayPal Overview

Payment processor PayPal is the subject of greater focus, with an in-depth review of how the system works and why it is used by forex traders.

3 Steps to Becoming a Forex Trader

Looking to get started in forex trading but do not know where to begin? Follow these simple three steps and you will be trading in next to no time


Understand Currency Trading

Do your research and learn the mechanics of how different currencies are traded, including the key terminology involved.


Practise Trading

Once you have understood everything about the market, start practising forex trading for yourself, using a demo account, before entering the real-world markets.


Start Small

After practising trading and finding a strategy that best suits you, the final step is to trade real money. The key here is to begin by being disciplined by trading with small amounts.

FX Trading

Learn more about forex trading, as we take a deeper dive into the detail of what FX trading is and how to buy forex online.

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